At Gymnastics Medicine, we build on the pillars of education and our love of the sport.

Everything we do here wouldn’t be possible without guidance from our founder, Dr. Elspeth (Elly) Hart DScPAS, PA-C, MPAS, ATC, LAT. Her extensive background and passion for gymnastics are the driving forces behind our non-profit organization.

To Elly, It’s Always Been About Gymnastics

It’s hard for Elly to remember a time when gymnastics was not a large part of her identity. At just three years old, she began her training, and the sport has shaped her life ever since. She competed in Region IV during her childhood and moved up in the ranks to a Junior Olympic Level 10 gymnast. Elly then went on to attend James Madison University, competing as a Division I athlete.

Once an athlete reaches the collegiate level, their career often becomes fleeting. For many, the sport they’ve known their whole lives comes to an end, forcing them to forge new paths into unfamiliar territory. At James Madison, Elly knew she could not give up this constant in her life. Gymnastics was a part of who she was. So, she graduated with a Bachelor’s in Athletic Training & Sports Medicine with a minor in Biology, hoping to give back to the gymnastics community in a different way.

Beginning a Pivotal Medical Career for the Gymnastics Community

After graduating and passing her boards, Elly began practicing as a Certified Athletic Trainer. She also started training and competing again, where she qualified and hit four for four routines at the Level 10 Junior Olympic National Championships. And at twenty-three years old, she was one of the most senior gymnasts to accomplish this.

Elly decided to advance her career and obtain a Master’s Degree in Physician’s Assistant Studies from the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (MCPHS). She practiced as a Certified Physician’s Assistant at St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center, providing excellent sports medicine care to many athletes. Yet, she never lost her gymnastics preference and decided to make history from her passion by starting the country’s first Gymnastics Medicine Clinic.

Gymnastics has always had a high injury rate, and before launching her innovative clinic, many weren’t aware of this. Elly and her medical professional’s team diagnose and design treatment plans tailored to each injured gymnast’s needs, helping them to fully recover and compete at their best.

Founding Gymnastics Medicine and Beyond

After starting her clinic, Elly realized that she still wanted to do more to give back to a sport and community which gave her so much. It became clear in her work that not only did she want to help injured gymnasts recover, but she also wanted to guide athletes, coaches, and parents in learning about common gymnastics injuries and how to prevent them.

Elly was determined to make the knowledge of gymnastics-related injuries more accessible to those who needed it most, and the idea for Gymnastics Medicine was born.

Our collaborative team of coaches, parents, gymnast alumni, and medical professionals would not have come together without the drive and passion Elly harbors for this sport. She not only inspires those around her professionally but also in her admirable, extreme sporting hobbies.

Elly is an incredible pioneer in the industry, and under her leadership and guidance, the team is excited to see how she expands on the Gymnastics Medicine field.

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