Gymnastics Medicine has been selected as part of Gotham Gymnastics’ advisory board (pictured) in New York City.

Gymnastics Medicine is pleased to announce that it has been selected to be part of the advisory board for Gotham Gymnastics, a high performance gymnastics club based in Brooklyn, New York.

Gotham’s advisory board is comprised of industry experts, whose aim is to provide knowledge and guidance towards the development of an effective, holistic approach to youth gymnastics, enabling athletes to reach their highest potential in the sport.

Gymnastics Medicine comprises the physical therapy component of the advisory board, and involves Elly and Liz visiting Gotham Gymnastics quarterly to perform the gymSAFE screen – an injury reduction screen designed specifically for gymnasts. Through the assessment of gymnasts’ movement patterns, strength and mobility, the Gymnastics Medicine team aims to identify suitable exercises, to help gymnasts reduce their injury risk.

This first visit also incorporated Gotham Gymnastics Advisor Symposium Week in October 2023. During this week, physical therapist Liz combined with the rest of the advisory board to provide informational lectures to parents of Gotham’s gymnasts, speaking about the importance of early injury identification and management. The following day, Liz returned to deliver a seminar  on gymnastics specific physical preparation to Gotham’s team coaches, and later that evening, a workshop on common physical therapy exercises to gymnasts.

Gymnastics Medicine are delighted to contribute to Gotham’s mission in developing ‘The Complete Athlete’ and look forward to returning to New York and performing further gymSAFE screens in the spring!

Elizabeth (Liz) Melvin PT, OCS,CSCS is a physical therapist and a former gymnast, coach and judge.