Gymnastics Medicine on the floor at the 2022 US Gymnastics Championships, Amalie Arena, Tampa FL. 

Board Members Elly Hart, Elizabeth Melvin, and Emily Sweeney provided medical coverage at USA Gymnastics National Championships in Tampa, FL  from the 18th – 21st August 2022. They were on the floor with other USAG medical staff for podium training and competition, for both junior and senior men and women, to ensure all the athletes remained healthy over the competition weekend. Coverage for these competitions requires a lot of planning, organization, and teamwork to be ready for any potential injuries.

USAG also had their national congress that same weekend and the Gymnastics Medicine board provided some great content. Kerry Bair, Elly Hart, and Emily Sweeney all gave really educational and interesting talks to the coaches who were in attendance.

Thank you board members for continuing to share your knowledge and expertise in order to keep our gymnasts safe and healthy!

Gymnastics Medicine Registered Dietitian, Kerry Bair RD, giving her talk at the USAG National Congress

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