Gymnastics Medicine’s Dr. Elly Hart on Season 14 of American Ninja Warrior!

Our very own Dr. Elspeth (Elly) Hart recently competed on the TV show ‘American Ninja Warrior’. She was no rookie, as this was in fact her second time participating on the TV show (Season 13 in 2021 and now season 14 in 2022).

The American Ninja Warrior show consists of a 6 obstacle course that ninjas only get to view in advance – they are not allowed practice or touch the obstacle course until it’s their turn to ‘run the course’. Elly reveals that she uses her gymnastics strength and coordination to perform/complete the obstacles, as well as doing a lot of visualization once she knows the course. ‘I use my gymnastics background and skills to be a better ninja. It’s very different to be unable to practice the same routine over and over, as well as never being able to touch the obstacle until you compete’ explains Hart. ‘I visualize a lot before doing my course run – I picture where I’ll place my foot, my hand…and I picture myself completing the skill and hitting a buzzer!’

Elly explains that as a gymnast she used to visualize her routines the night before her competition, and she believes that this helped her in becoming a successful gymnast (and now American Ninja Warrior). Elly trains at a Ninja specific gym called Vitality Obstacle Course and Fitness in Fall River, MA, as well as a hanging ninja course she built in her backyard! Elly has also competed in local, Regional, and National/World Ninja competitions.

The filming for American Ninja Warrior Season 14 took place in San Antonio, Texas in March this year, and while we can’t leak any details as to how she did, be sure to watch the Season premiere in June on NBC in hope of catching a glimpse of Elly!

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